Chain Link Fence

Secure your home or business with confidence.

Create a secure and low-maintenance boundary around your property.
Rest easy knowing your collateral is protected.

Provide a low-maintenance privacy fence barrier between your property and the outside world, while adding a touch of style to your outdoor space. Best fencing options around North Mississippi & Southwest Tennessee

Homeowners and businessness alike

Residential and Commercial Chain Link Fencing

Chain link fencing has stood the test time and surpassed fashion and fads. Around since its creation in the mid-1800s, chain link fencing has proven through the centuries that it has a valuable place in the world – and who are we to argue that?

Made from interlocking coated, galvanized steel wire, chain link style is one of the most durable fences we have to offer. Once installed, it requires low-key maintenance and is less susceptible to weather or insect related damage than fences made from other materials (such as wood). With proper care, these fences can last up to 20 years.

Chain link offers a high visibility option to owners, allowing for observation of traffic, and visitors alike. Additionally, chain link does not impede sunlight filtering onto your property – you can rest easy knowing your property is safe and your foliage is green Bonus: they are pet and child friendly.

Chain link is quick to install, durable, and easy to repair in cases of accidents or acts of vandalism. Fabricated from strong, galvanized steel, chain link fencing creates a secure boundary around your property – ensuring your assets, equipment and inventory are safe and protected. Chain link fences can be built high, deterring thieves, vandals, and wandering animals from damaging your space.

Heritage Fence Company LLC in Collierville, TN
Heritage Fence Company LLC in Collierville, TN

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Are you losing sleep, worrying about your assets? Do you need protection added to your property sooner rather than later? Don’t worry and don’t wait! Call us today. Our expert builders will have your chain link fence installed and operational before you know it. You can get back to enjoying peace of mind and a full night’s rest, knowing your business is secure. 

Enjoy the benefits of a low-cost, durable, tried-and-true security defense that requires minimal maintenance: a chain link fence. 

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