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What is Access Control?

In simple terms, it is an access management tool, that provides controlled entry to your property, whether it is a home or business. Being able to manage who – or what – comes and goes is a primary concern for property owners. Quality fencing is a foundational line of defense against intruders and thieves.

Buildings, vehicles, machinery, tools, materials, software, and documents are all important possessions that require protecting. An access control panel provides an extra layer of security for all
your important assets, and helps you monitor who is arriving at or leaving your property. It also ensures that your family or employees are shielded and safe from unnecessary or unwanted visitors.

Fences are the basic standard of boundary and property protection. Entryways with access control give you a simple and effective upgrade and an extra layer of protection. Pin-code pads permit only those who know the code to enter. ID badges, swipe cards, and vehicle barcodes are also viable and personalized options for each holder.

An access panel is a standout option that requires minimal maintenance once installed. It is an unobtrusive, professional, affordable, and easy solution for property owners seeking a long-lasting security enhancement for their home, land, or business.

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Heritage Fence Company LLC in Collierville, TN
Heritage Fence Company LLC in Collierville, TN

Why Should You Invest in Access Control?

Power of control is yours with access control.

According to a report released in February 2024, 93% of organizations consider access control to be a critical component of their security and risk management strategies. A 2021 study revealed that 66% of office workers favor security over convenience.

As the proprietor of a home, farm, business, or commercial property, being able to control who comes and goes reduces loss, damage, and stress. A fence provides a barrier to safeguard what is important to you, keeping what you need in and who you don’t need out. An access control panel is an additional line of fortification. It gives property owners the ability to streamline points of admittance for different people in certain areas or sectors of the property. It also supplies owners and management with the capacity to monitor activity at entrance and exit points. Whether you need extra security at the primary entry point or access for various staff members within certain areas, we are here to help you plan, install, and set it up so you can keep tabs without intrusion and put your energy elsewhere.

Access control gives your family or your employees agency over their own comings and goings. It is all possible without the need to verify individuals or open gates or doors for them. For delivery drivers or infrequent visitors, it is as simple as buzzing them in from an office or room inside. Easy peasy!

At Heritage Fence, we are the specialists, and we are happy to explore options, plan a course of action, and install your access panel to help keep your people and your property safe.

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