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Add a touch of class and magical Mount Pleasant charm to your space, while creating a secure and low-maintenance boundary around your property. Enjoy the outdoors in the comfort and solitude of your personal space.

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Calling all Mount Pleasant land, home, and business owners: are you looking to define your property lines? To add more security for your family or business? Maybe you need to keep wanderers off your lawn, out of your yard? Perhaps, it’s time to shut prying eyes out? No one likes unwelcome visitors, or a nosy neighbor.  

Whether you’re at home or in the office, a privacy fence allows you to enjoy the magnificent Mount Pleasant outdoors in the secluded serenity of your own space. 

At home, an enclosed yard creates a private space for your family to relax, play, host, and entertain. Small children and pets can enjoy the freedom of the outdoors, while you can rest assured, they are safe on your premises.

At your place of business, a fence creates privacy for you, your employees, and your customers. Inside, it provides a more intense focus on work, projects and in meetings. Outside, it defines your business space, parking lot, and reduces bustle. Overall, creating a happier, more engaged, productive environment. 

Robert Frost wrote, “Good fences make good neighbors”, a statement that still rings true. Take the next step in ensuring that your home or business is safe and shielded from two or four-legged trespassers like human looky-loos, skunks, foxes, bobcats, and bears. A privacy fence clearly marks your boundaries, protects your territory, keeps intruders out, and children and pets safely contained. It is an added layer of protection, decreasing theft, loss, injury, and stress. It also reduces unwanted guests and noise pollution. 

Not sure where to start? Now you’ve found us, we’re here to help. Heritage Fence Company is home to the premier local experts, right here in central Tennessee. We all know that Mount Pleasant is one of Tennessee’s best kept secrets. Why not enjoy the perk of our small city living with some added privacy? You deserve that assurance. Give us a call today.

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Expert installation

Heritage Fence Co. provides peace of mind and a beautiful, solid fence.

Not sure what the best option is for your home or business? At Heritage Fence Company, we have the perfect style to match your private or professional needs. Give us a call, or fill out a form on our website, today. 

As part of our service and dedication to our customers, we provide free estimates and have a streamlined process to ensure an average of a 4–6-week turnaround time. If the burden of paperwork feels overwhelming, don’t let it get you down! Reach out and let us know, we are happy to alleviate this stress by filing forms to obtain a permit on your behalf. Mount Pleasant Tennessee Heritage Fence Company offers this as a complimentary service our customers. We aim to provide you with a fast and efficient install that’s as easy as pie. 

Our customers have their choice of wood, vinyl, concrete and aluminum privacy fence options. Packages accommodate functional, style and budgetary requirements.  Our products are easy to maintain, look great, and are sturdy yet functional by design. 

We take great pride in being your hometown fence company. We are here to serve our local community in Maury County so that you can rest easy, knowing your home or business is safe and secure, all while looking top-notch. 

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